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How to establish a double degree programme

Double Degree programmes are established through agreements signed by the organisations responsible for the awarding of degrees.

The International coordinator for the relevant faculty at the University of Seville must submit a proposal for a double degree programme to the central International Relations Service ( for approval and processing.The proposal should be accompanied by a brief justification detailing the benefits of its establishment.

If the processing of the agreement is deemed urgent, then it should be sent to the Secretariat of Study Plans and the Legal Office with a brief report detailing the reasons for such urgency. Once approved by the Legal Office it will bypass the Governing Board and be sent directly to the rector for ratification.  The proposal must comply with the established formal requirements.

The activities under such double degree programmes may be subsidised by the Erasmus Programme, if the participating institutions are eligible under this programme. If applicable, a Bilateral Erasmus Agreement, as established by the International Mobility Unit ( must be signed by both institutions