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Cooperation Project Processing

Where to go:

To process cooperation projects, professors will need to go to the International Projects and Information Unit (Tel. 95 4551445, e-mail: which will provide them with information about the programmes and activities available.


The following documentation must be submitted (in person or by email) at least five working days before the official deadline as stated in the relevant programme:

  • If the project is coordinated by another university: a copy of the entire project or a summary describing our university’s participation and any potential financial implications.
  • If the project is coordinated by the University of Seville: the entire project.

We would like to reiterate that this unit offers its support and advice for the design and execution of projects including any information and documentation necessary for the completion of projects (e.g. adhesion contract, bank and institution information, approved projects).

Once reviewed and proofread, the project will be sent to the rector for his/her signature. If the Universirty of Seville is the coordinating body, the project will then be sent to the organisation responsible for selection; alternatively if the University of Seville is only participating, the project will be returned to the coordinating University. 

Management of Financial Aid:

All funding for externally subsidised projects involving teaching staff from the University of Seville, managed by the International Relations Office, be it as coordinator or participant, will be directed to the University itself which will justify all budgetary expenses.

For this reason, it is essential to notify our office immediately of the project’s approval so that the International Relations Financial Management Unit can process the relevant payments assigned in the budget.