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Spanish courses


Enable independent communication skills and the development of grammar, sociolinguistic, discursive, strategic and intercultural skills, which involves having sufficient autonomy to carry out the majority of exercises that require the use of language in Spanish speaking countries. 

The student shall be able to:

  • produce simple texts on familiar topics or topics of personal interest.
  • discuss and describe experiences, events, desires and aspirations, and can easily explain their opinions and plans.
  •  read simple texts on subjects related to their interests
  •  use Spanish in different pragmatic and formal contexts in which the language is used.


Different teaching methods including

  • Notional and  functional approaches
  • Cooperative learning.
  • Tasked Learning
  • Autonomous learning.


  • Continuous assessment taking into account attendance , class participation and task completion
  • End of course assessment in written and oral expression and comprehension, as well as the use of  formal / informal language and the results of a first approach to Spanish culture
  • The Certificate of Achievement shall include, when appropriate, along with the Spanish numerical expression on a scale of 1-10, the level of knowledge expressed in Spanish Language in the terms of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR) and scores on regular courses that have been submitted.


Spanish classes taught by native teachers with a wide experience on teaching Spanish to foreign students. The program is intended for those who want to start their Spanish studies or those who are interested in improving their skills. (Beginners)

Small groups of a maximum of 15 students. 20 hours per week.

The course blends culture with language learning. You will learn and practise the language mechanisms, its functions and formal, cultural and pragmatic components.

You will able to use the language properly in real situations.

Visits to different parts of Seville and cultural activities are included.

Your learning process will be evaluated through a continuous examination where aspects such as class participation and completion of tasks will be taken into account.  At the end of the course, all the taught skills will be evaluated, the written and oral expression and understanding as well as the knowledge acquired on the formal language and culture.  The mark in Spanish language will appear in the awarded diploma issued by the University of Seville.

Accommodation not included in the course's prices 

All applicants must be over 18 years old and have achieved the education level compulsory for the access to university in their home country (official transcript must be submitted). Minimum one semester of previous Spanish is recommended.


  1. 500 hours of Spanish language. One semester. Price:3.300 € September-March
  2. 500 hours of Spanish language. One semester. Price:3.300 € January – July
  3. 700 hours of Spanish language. Two semesters. Price 4.620€  September - June

This program is intended for Spanish language students who have already studied our language  but want to  improve their skills. They must have at least a level B1 in Spanish.

Attendees will be allowed to attend to regular courses (4 subjects maximum) and will have 300 hours of Spanish classes.

Certificate of attendance/achievement will be issued  after completing the course including the mark of the attended regular courses.

Visits to different parts of Seville and cultural activities are included.

Accommodation not included in the course's prices 


a. First semester: 300 hours of Spanish language (4hours/day) + Second

semester: 3 hours of Spanish language per week + regular courses. A minimum of 8 students per each level is required. Price: 3.000€ +  13€*/credit

b. Students with level B2 of Spanish: 3 hours of Spanish language per week with other international students + regular courses. One semester.

Price: 550 + 13€/credit*

* 1st   semester September – February

* 2nd semester February  - July

* The price of the credit for the AY 2017/18 has not been published yet. So the price could be slightly changed.

* A minimum number of attendants is required