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Mission, Vision and Value Statements


The International Relations and Cooperation Development Offices are formed by highly-qualified administrative staff of the university who work under the direction of the Director of the International Centre. These offices are responsible for implementing the internationalization and the cooperation and development policies as established by the Rector and the Governing Board of the university. Both Offices pursues their aims in an objective manner. They employ the programmes and resources allocated to it, abiding by the law and seeking to provide skillful, outstanding and transparent service to the public.


The International Relations and Cooperation Development Offices strive to become a model of excellence, reference point and working tool for all university community members seeking the information, guidance and support necessary for the succesful completion of international activities. They also aspire to be acknowledged as the main resource for all international institutions and entities seeking collaboration of the University of Seville. It aims to be the offices where proposals are received and dealt with.


The International Relations and Cooperation Development staff is a fundamental asset to these offices. The team's performance is based on the following values:

  • Expertise. This staff is fully qualified to perform all assigned tasks and has mastered the processes required to fulfill its objectives, while propelled by a process of continuous improvement.
  • Commitment. Even beyond their mission and their ability to complete tasks in a prompt and timely manner, both Offices are commited to serving the public interest alongside their strong commitment to the university community.
  • Welcoming Environment. The staff is able to provide close and personalized support to those seeking it while maintaining a high level of professionalism.
  • Flexibility. Consistent contact with different languages, cultures and diverse management styles countinuously motivates the team to hold and maintain an extremely open-minded attitude. We believe that international relationships relying on respect and solidarity must be based on values such as adaptability, flexibility and the ability to resolve potential conflicts of interests.